My 2018 Rally Calendar
 1. 28-19 April West Australian Forest
 2. 04-06 May APRC New Zealand
 3. 01-03 June APRC Australia
 4. 20-22 July APRC Malaysia
 5. 14-16 September APRC Japan
 6. 19-21 October APRC China
 7. 01-02 December  APRC India

  • Last Stage Heart-Break in Australia

    20 June 2018

    The second round of the 2018 APRC in Canberra, Australia started positively with the Cusco Toyota Vitz and the new Dunlop tyres handling the rough rocky conditions really well. We were able to set som...
  • Canberra In-car Camera Stage 7

    19 June 2018

    In-car Camera Stage 7 - Canberra, Australia.Here's some great action from our in-car camera mixed with outside shots of the car.This is a pretty typical stage on Day 1 of Canberra Rally with lots of b...
  • Indian Sportskeeda Interview

    18 June 2018

    Indian On-Line Magazine Sportskeeda Interview Reprinted with permission from and Salman Shahid (author). An exclusive interview with New Zealand rally driver Mike Young who is eyeing...